Twins Sequel Still on the Cards According to Ahnold

March 18, 2017
On again off again Triplets still going ahead despite backlash to Ghostbusters.

Whilst the internet waits with bated breath for the next chapter in the continuing saga that is the DC cinematic universe, there will be other parts keeping their ears to the ground waiting for news of the return of one of the bigger hits of the ‘80s. We are, of course, talking about Twins and its long gestating sequel, Triplets.

It’s long been rumoured the sequel will see Danny DeVito and Arnold Schwarzenegger return as test tube brothers Julius and Vincent Benedict, but alongside a third previously unknown brother played by Eddie Murphy.

Talking last night at the snappily titled Arnold Classic Australia Business Forum in Melbourne, Arnie himself seemed to suggest that the film was definitely going ahead. Whilst his co-star DeVito had previously stated that they were still looking for a good script, Arnie was not shy about coming forward, saying – to a few whoops from the crowd – that a script was in the process of being written, Eddie was onboard and Ivan Reitman was in the producer’s chair with the potential to direct.

Does the world need a sequel to Twins? When films like Get Out are making a killing, it’s fair to say that the public still crave new ideas. But oh nostalgia! It’s a sweet smelling temptation and it wouldn’t be the first time a hit film got a sequel decades later. Hello T2: Trainspotting! That said, until something more concrete comes out, we wouldn’t suggest Twins devotees camp outside their local cinema for tickets just yet.

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