Meet Ward and Jakoby in the New Bright BTS Clip

October 19, 2017
All other considerations put aside, that hero shot of Big Willy blazing away with the nine is pretty great.

Here’s a little more background on Bright, the upcoming LA cop/fantasy mash-up by director David Ayer and writer Max Landis, heading our way via Netflix this December. This new bit of business clarifies both the MacGuffin – our mismatched cops are on the trail of a magic wand, described as the equivalent of a nuclear weapon – and orc cop Jakoby’s (Joel Edgerton) place in the world. He’s the first orc on the force, and really wants to both make a new impression and, presumably, be a good example for his people. Which really, really, reminds us of Alien Nation:

Meanwhile, Will Smith is Will Smith.

Bright hits Netflix on December 22, 2017. Alien Nation, however, you can pick up right now.

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