Get Into the Grind of DIY Filmmaking with Horror Movie: A Low Budget Nightmare

September 13, 2017
The real horror is behind the camera.

Making movies is a tough gig, team, and it’s real tough when you have no money, no experience and arguably no idea what you’re doing. But that didn’t stop Craig Anderson when he set out to make Red Christmas, an Aussie horror flick about an aborted foetus seeking revenge. He even managed to get Dee Wallace, star of The Hills Have Eyes, Cujo, The Howling and, er, E.T., to star in his ambitious exploitation opus. And, as this new doco illustrates in merciless detail, he almost lost everything.

Gary Doust, founder of Popcorn Taxi and the Tropfest-winning director of Murbah Swamp Beer and  Making Venus (which also saw the chaos behind a film shoot) recorded it all and now we get to it in what’s being called “the Heart of Darkness of low budget slasher flicks”.  Witness every tribulation as Anderson rolls the dice on his dream in what looks to be an Australian analogue of the great American Movie.

Horror Movie should be doing the festival circuit in the not-too-distant future. In the meantime, keep track of production via the official site.

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