American Astronaut

American Astronaut: 2001’s Space Oddity

“I gauge how the audience is going to like it from the old man telling the joke at the bar. I’ve seen audiences give that a standing ovation, and I’ve seen other audiences sitting uncomfortably hoping it will end soon.”
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Rosario Dawson as Barbara Gordon/Batgirl

Monkeying Around: Rosario Dawson and Michael Cera Riff on The LEGO Batman Movie

We caught up with Rosario Dawson (Barbara Gordon/Batgirl) and Michael Cera (Robin/Dick Grayson) to talk about The LEGO Batman Movie and got that and change.
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Land Of Mine: A Forgotten War

Danish director, Martin Zandvliet, crafts a war film unlike any other with the deeply moving and highly acclaimed Land Of Mine, which will enjoy its Australian debut at the Sydney Film Festival.
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Osiris Child

Teagan Croft: Out of This World in The Osiris Child

Young actress, Teagan Croft, makes a major debut in the Aussie sci-fi actioner, SFv1: The Osiris Child.
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Jenny Beavan

Jenny Beavan Brings Life to the Big Screen

Two time Oscar winning costume designer, Jenny Beavan graced us with some time on the set of Life.
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Courtney Hoffman: Designing Costumes for Auteurs

We stole time from one of the most exciting young costume designers working on a film set today, Courtney Hoffman.
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Dead Sunrise

Michal Imielski: Directing Cannibal Kids in Dead Sunrise

In the Parramatta-shot zombie horror feature, Dead Sunrise, a group of friends stumble across an abandoned laboratory and accidentally unleash a plague of undead children. Made on a shoestring, it's managed to impress festival audiences around the world. We caught up with director Michal Imielski.
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Emmanuelle Bercot: Flying the Flag for French Cinema

Director Emmanuelle Bercot was recently in Australia to promote her two films playing at the Alliance Francais French Film Festival.
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Ryan Reynolds, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Rebecca Ferguson: Life, The Universe, and Everything

In the new science fiction thriller, Life, a team of scientists on board the International Space Station must contend with an alien life form found on the surface of Mars. We caught up with three of the stars.
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Shock Art

Dr Christina Chau: Looking for the Edge in Shock Art

In the new six part ABC iview series Art Bites: Shock Art, academic Dr Christina Chau delves into the more outre corners of the Australian contemporary art scene - from sculpting with faeces to weaving with human hair, taking in leeches, soup baths and body modification along the way. But
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Bringing Up Skinford: Director Nik Kacevski Talks About his Horror/Crime/Comedy Debut

In the new Aussie film Skinford, a low-end criminal's life changes forever when he uncovers - literally - an unkillable girl. We spoke to writer and director Nik Kacevski about his debut feature.
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