Dylan Gelula: Smells Like Teen Spirit

The star of First Girl I Loved discusses taking the lead, the teen experience and our own canned Safe Schools program.  
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Ricky Whittle as Shadow Moon

Ricky Whittle: From The 100 to American Gods

British actor Ricky Whittle thought he had a handle on fandom after his turn in the teen SF drama, The 100, but stepping into the role of Shadow Moon in American Gods introduced him to a whole new world in more ways than one.
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Mehcad Brooks

It’s Supergirl’s Pal, Mehcad Brooks

Put aside your memories of the bumbling ranga with the giant flashbulb camera - the Jimmy Olsen to be found in the CW's smash hit Supergirl series is a much smoother operator, and a hero in his own right to boot. We caught up with Jimmy's alter ego, actor Mehcad
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Brave New World: The Making Of Guardians Of The Galaxy

It now seems hard to believe, but when Marvel Studios put the original Guardians Of The Galaxy into production, it was a major gamble for the burgeoning Hollywood powerhouse.
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Ben Wheatley: Free Fire, Scorsese and Making Things Personal

The cult favourite behind High-Rise and Sightseers is in top form with the hilarious, suspenseful and violent, Free Fire, starring Brie Larson, Armie Hammer, Cillian Murphy, Sharlto Copley, and more.
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Emily Browning as Laura Moon in American Gods

Emily Browning: The Dead Heart of American Gods

In the new urban fantasy series, American Gods, Emily Browning plays Laura, wife to our protagonist, Shadow Moon (Ricky Whittle). The only thing is, she's killed in the first episode. That doesn't stop her from being a recurring character, though...
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Thier Finest director, Lone Scherfig

Lone Scherfig – A Dane at Home in Britain

Their Finest stars Gemma Arterton, Bill Nighy and Sam Claflin. The film is set in 1940, during the London Blitz, and tells the story of Catrin Cole [Arterton], who is hired by the British Ministry of Information to assist with writing the female dialogue (or “girl talk”) in morale-boosting propaganda films.
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Out of the Shadows: Things That Go Bump in the Night

After the globally laudable likes of The Babadook, could Dee McLachlan's  Out of the Shadows, starring Blake Northfield, Kendal Rae and Lisa Chappell, finally be the smart Aussie psychological thriller that local audiences are willing to embrace too?
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Luke Eve

Luke Eve: Living the Web Series High Life

The Australian director follows up his depression-themed Low Life with another look at mental health issues.
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Natalie Portman as Jackie

Natalie Portman: Playing Jackie After JFK’s Assassination

One of the world’s great actresses speaks about playing one of the most fascinating women in America’s history.
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Anthony O'Connor with Bob Odenkirk

We Hit Up Better Call Saul‘s Bob Odenkirk for Some Legal Advice

With Better Call Saul Season 3 now streaming on Stan, we had the rare and wonderful opportunity to sit down with Slippin' Jimmy himself, Bob Odenkirk, to shoot the breeze about everyone's favourite hapless, hopelessly corrupt ambulance chaser.
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