Can Social Media Predict the Oscars?

We don't know what's being voted for, but we know what's being talked about.
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Date My Race

Date My Race: Santilla Chingaipe on Love and Race in the Online World

Presented as part of Face Up To Racism Week on SBS (good idea!), Date My Race is a Matchbox Pictures produced documentary about how race impacts online dating. Zambian-Australian presenter Santilla Chingaipe went on a quest to discover why online dating for her is so hit and miss.
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Black Friday: Horror With Maria Lewis

Purging the black female horror fan from the margins of horror
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John Wick 2

Why You Should Still Wait to See John Wick: Chapter 2

The message you might be sending isn't the message you think.
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Isabelle Huppert On the Philosophy of Acting

French acting icon Isabelle Huppert (nominated for an Oscar in Elle) opens up about her role in Things to Come (L’avenir).
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Seijun Suzuki

Remembering Seijun Suzuki, Japan’s Original Cinema Maverick

The director of subversive Japanese gangster films Tokyo Drifter and Branded to Kill has passed.
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Craig Boreham: Teenage Kicks At Mardi Gras

Director, Craig Boreham, uncompromisingly chronicles growing up gay in multicultural Australia in his powerful coming of age drama, Teenage Kicks, which screens tonight at The Mardi Gras Film Festival.
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Ice Cube

Ice Cube: Straight Outta Comedy

The legendary rapper/actor plays tough guy opposite Charlie Day in Fist Fight.
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After scoring a Best Actress Oscar for her powerful performance in Room, Brie Larson goes widescreen with the epic blockbuster, Kong: Skull Island, which revives one of the movies’ most feared monsters.
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Badfaith Puts Good Faith in VR

Australian founders of creative VR collective Badfaith, Leo Faber and Shaun Gladwell, take us through their goals and aspirations.
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Opinion: Is Silence Weighed Down By Its Underlying Message?

Master filmmaker Martin Scorsese’s latest opus is a personal tour de force, but does it get bogged down in its own dogma?
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