Travis Johnson and Chris McKay

The LEGO Batman Movie Director, Chris McKay, Talks Comics, The Dark Knight, and Even a Little Nightwing

We headed out to the offices of animation studio Animal Logic recently to get down to brass tacks with the director of The LEGO Batman Movie, Chris McKay. His nerd credentials are legit, to say the least.
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Mohamed Diab

Egypt Calling: Clash Writer/Director Mohamed Diab

Egyptian director, Mohamed Diab, blends social realism and edge-of-your-seat tension in the claustrophobic, Clash, and its messages are ones that resonate across borders.
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Comedies to Look Forward to This Year

Is 2017 going to be another year of the funny film? We certainly hope so and these are the five comedies we’re looking forward to this year.
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You’re probably dying to know what it’s like. I don’t want to give it away, but here are the top 5 moments in Justice League.
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Lexus Short Film Fellowship

Short Films: From Little Things Big Things Grow

With the announcement of the 2017 finalists in the Lexus Short Film Fellowship, we looked at short film as a medium and spoke to some of the grateful and talented finalists.
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Batman: Behind the Mask

Be prepared for an entirely new take on the character of Batman in The LEGO Batman Movie.
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Lazybones: Making it Personal

The Melbourne-made indie comedy Lazybones tracks the life of a 20-something trying to find his way in life and love. We spoke to the film’s director/co-writer Michael Jones.
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Get Out

Black Friday: Horror with Maria Lewis

Get Out and why the future of horror is black
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Matthew Holmes: The Films That Changed My Life

The writer/director behind the most ambitious Australian film of 2016 tells us about the films that changed his life.
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Hacksaw Ridge

Opinion: Bless You, Hacksaw Ridge

Can a big budget America-set religious film be considered an Australian production?
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American Astronaut

American Astronaut: 2001’s Space Oddity

“I gauge how the audience is going to like it from the old man telling the joke at the bar. I’ve seen audiences give that a standing ovation, and I’ve seen other audiences sitting uncomfortably hoping it will end soon.”
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