Box Office Report: Lego Batman and Major Scarlett Challenge Disney

April 3, 2017
With two major releases this week, will Beauty and the Beast be usurped atop the weekend box office?

Thursday March 30 – Sunday April 2, 2017

Not even close!!

Although it dropped by 41% this week, Beauty and the Beast continues its reign of the Australian box office. Ghost in the Shell opened comparably stronger than in the US, however, the biggest disappointment has to be The Lego Batman Movie, which, no doubt, was impacted by its delayed release in Australia.

And in limited release… 2 words – The Room – is back in the top 20, 346 weeks after it first appeared in Australia. And apart from that, nice to see local doc The Family making well over 100k as it opens in new locations, building on strong word of mouth.

Box office figures courtesy of the Motion Picture Distributors Association of Australia.

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